Investment Property Financing

Getting a loan should be easy. It often isn’t, but it should be. There are so many different places where you can get a loan: banks, and all other kinds of lenders. Whether you want a loan to invest, or to grow your business, you have options for loans out there. If you go online and look for lenders in your area, you’ll probably find hundreds if not thousands of different options. ABO Capital offers investment property loans to those that are in need of trusted expertise that may not be able to get a loan elsewhere. We also offer them better loans than they might find in other places, too.

Personalized Attention with Lots of Solutions

One thing we often say to potential borrowers is: “call up the big money center banks. Ask them for a loan. If you like their impersonal service and they give you exactly what you want, go with that.” This isn’t just bravado or something like that. It’s our effort to help you get the right loan for your investment or your business. We offer many different kinds of loan products, many times a better fit. We tend to cater to those that want a better solution with more certainty then most of our competitors.

Investment Property Loans

Here at ABO Capital, we look out for our borrowers. When you’re getting a loan from a huge bank, you’re getting a loan from one of the most enormous companies on the planet. That means that they have plenty of options to offer you, sure, but it also means that you aren’t going to get specialized attention. They appreciate your business, but they don’t necessarily need it. After all, if you decide to go elsewhere with your loan, they have plenty of other borrowers to cherry pick from waiting in line behind you. Depending on the assets of those borrowers, they may lavish more attention on those borrowers, as well.

On the other hand, ABO Capital is a small business. So, we know what it means to run a small business. When you borrow money from us, you’ll have our full and undivided attention. Instead of simply sticking you in some “cookie-cutter” loan because that’s what our company policy is for an investor like your or a business like yours (as you’ll see at large money center banks) we can help you to get the exact right loan for your particular situation.

To use an example, if you get, say a commercial loan from a huge money center bank, there are all different kinds of little tricks that they might stick in there. Huge prepayment penalties, balloons, dutch funding, long waiting periods only to find out that you don’t qualify. Many times you are at their mercy. None of these help your situation or your business; they instead help the bank. Most of their borrowers are never even cognizant of these particular traps, they just may think of it as one more part of borrowing money from Bank of America. If these investors do become aware of these obstacles, then the Bank can basically say: “those are our terms. Take it or leave it.” There’s an old saying, little banks don’t become big banks by being nice guys.

That’s now how we work at ABO Capital. We can help you to navigate those obstacles so that you don’t have to pay them. We have many sources of capital and loan programs to choose from therefore giving you more room to maneuver.

What does benefit us is establishing a relationship with investors and business owners that will last. We want our investors and business owners to succeed in their loans so that we can continue doing business. After all, that’s what we’ve been doing for decades now. Making investors and owners have to deal with all sorts of gobbledygook when they don’t hit their note is the opposite of that. It’s not being on the side of the borrower. When you make money, we succeed, too.

Investor Loans for All Kinds of Investors

Loans without Great Credit or Income Documentation

Things happen. Not everyone has the credit they would like. In the last so many years, plenty of people may have one (or more) things go against them, which could have tanked their credit in ways they might never have previously thought possible. Just because that happened, it doesn’t mean that you should be forever shut out from getting a loan. One bad decision, a terrible break or two, shouldn’t be some kind of loan product death sentence. So, here at ABO Capital, we can help you to get loans if other places turn you down.

This can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Yes, we can help you to get decent loans even if you have bad or poor credit. But, on top of that, we also have loan products if you don’t have tax returns or other forms of documentation, either. Not everyone who is successful at business and investing is the best at keeping paperwork. Maybe you don’t have all of the paperwork or information that you might need to get a loan from a bank. We don’t believe that those people should be kept from getting a loan for the rest of their lives. We have plenty of loan products for those who lack documentation, as well.

We see it as a part of our job to look out for our borrowers, as well. There’s a lot of “bait and switch” in the small loans industry. There are far too many of these “all your dreams can come true overnight” and similar cons. You’ll never find any of that sort of foolishness at ABO Capital. In fact, our founder doesn’t come from a long line of lenders or bankers. Instead, he comes from a family of doctors. One part of the Hippocratic Oath is: “first, do no harm.”

That’s important for your doctor to keep in mind, but we believe it’s important for a lender to keep in mind, too. A lender that keeps giving people loans that eventually harm them may make a lot of money, sure, but they won’t be able to stand the test of time. They won’t be able to grow with their borrowers. We’ve been doing it the right way, and that’s part of what’s enabled us to be in business for so long.

Buildings with Special Uses

Many lenders stay clear of buildings that have management intensive uses. Examples of special purpose commercial real estate include self-storage, car washes, theme parks, bowling alleys, marinas, theaters, funeral homes, community centers, nursing homes, and churches. ABO Capital has loans to finance these properties.

ABO Capital for Your Loans

If you have perfect credit and know exactly what you want, you might want to give a large money center bank a shot. However, after you call them, you might want to give us a ring, too. That goes double for everyone who may not have the best credit. You can reach us at (888) 801-5401.