No Doc Mortgage Loans


Bank statement home loans offer relaxed guidelines versus traditional mortgage loans.

If you need to acquire funds in a hurry, you might qualify for an asset-based home loan.

Abo Capital helps qualified self-employed borrowers obtain no doc mortgage loans.

What is a No Doc Mortgage Loans?

Self-employed borrowers often encounter financing challenges.

By writing off plenty of expenses, your bottom line might not reflect enough income to qualify for a traditional mortgage loan.

A no doc loan is an alternative loan program that requires less documentation from business owners.

This loan type is also helpful for people with inconsistent income.

You might be approved for a 12 month or a 24 month bank statement program that uses a portion of your deposits for income purposes versus your tax returns.

A letter from you CPA that shows how much your business generates per year could be acceptable, too.

Some lenders will accept certificates of deposit or investments that reflect your ability to repay your mortgage loan.

How Much Can You Borrow With a No Doc Mortgage Loan?

Since no doc mortgage loans are largely offered through non-traditional lending sources, there isn’t a ceiling on the loan amount.

If you’re qualified for funding, you could be approved for up to $5 million dollars or more.

How Fast Can You Get a No Doc Mortgage Loan?

A traditional mortgage loan can take 30 to 45 days to obtain funding.

However, with a no doc mortgage loan, your loan can close a lot faster.

Without paystubs, W-2s or tax returns that have to clear underwriting, your loan will be processed much faster.

Therefore, you can receive funding for a no doc mortgage loan within 30 days and in some cases, your loan could close in less than two weeks.   

Can You Get a No Doc Home Equity Line of Credit?

Yes, no doc HELOCs are available for qualified borrowers.

Similar to a credit card that revolves according to your usage, a home equity line of credit may be used to pay off debts, home improvements, tuition or a dream vacation.

Unlike your primary mortgage, a HELOC is reusable, as your available credit increases as you make your monthly payments.

If you prefer, a no doc home equity loan has a set loan amount and repayment time frame.

For this type of loan, you might borrow $60,000 to pay for an inground pool.


How Much Are No Doc Mortgage Loan Rates?

Mortgage lenders generally offer interest rates based upon market conditions and risk.

Rates for no doc mortgage loans are priced higher than most conventional mortgage interest rates.

Speak with a licensed loan officer about mortgage loan rates for your situation.


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Working with an experienced mortgage professional is recommended for self-employed borrowers.

Within a few minutes, you can start the process by applying for a no doc home loan in California, Florida or other areas of the country.

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