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About Abo Capital

Creative Financing Specialists.
Abo Capital offers commercial and residential mortgage loans for investors and businesses looking to obtain favorable funding.

We fund super easy to difficult loans, which may be deemed as not bankable or turndowns. Challenges that we often solve pertain to borrower and property shortfalls. Many of our clients were unable to obtain financing prior to working with Abo Capital.

We use decades of invaluable lending experience to reward borrowers’ expectations with optimum financing solutions. We understand that there are many paths to go down in obtaining financing, but choosing our unique approach that is coupled with our solid relationships will reward our investor clients with optimum terms and results. This includes the highest to lowest credit investors, as well as trophy to distressed asset classes.


Our Founder, Steve Abo, a licensed mortgage professional since 1990, has acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge about commercial property loans.

After building a nationwide mortgage bank for home loans that was sold in 2005, Steve started arranging commercial and private money loans.

Since 2009, Steve has focused on commercial lending that has led to an extensive network of relationships with private investors, banks, credit unions, life companies, REITS, hedge funds, and mortgage banks.

For more than 30 years, Steve has leveraged his relationships and his real estate financing acumen to close more than 30,000 mortgage loans that exceeded $30,000,000,000 in funded transactions.

As a nationwide correspondent lender with a stellar reputation, Steve provides value-added consultation services and trusted advice.

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