Private Money Lenders


Private money lenders offer financing that’s typically unavailable through traditional banks and mortgage companies.

Whether you need a bridge loan or to borrow money from an income producing property, a private money lender is a great resource.

You can find private money lenders for real estate and for business purpose loans.

Abo Capital specializes in helping self-employed borrowers obtain private money loans for asset-based transactions.


What are Private Money Lenders?

Private money lenders will consist of a single individual or multiple resources that pool funds together for an investment goal.

Generally, the costs are higher than bank rate products and the repayment time frame is within a few years.

Unlike institutional lenders, private money lenders can fund a loan within a few days versus 45 to 60 days.

Some lenders who offer private money might be unlicensed.

You are encouraged to share details about your assets and your financial information with licensed mortgage professionals in California.

Abo Capital is recognized as a reputable and experienced mortgage firm that maintains a professional license in California.

Private Money Lenders for Real Estate

Real estate offers a variety of lending options to leverage equity within a property that you own.

If you own commercial property or residential investment properties, you may qualify for a variety of loans.

The type of real estate financing that’s appropriate for your situation will depend on the overall lending scenario, your personal credit, accessible equity and the time frame that you need to obtain funding.

Working with mortgage professionals who have access to nearly every type of asset-based loan could eliminate the need for you to apply with multiple banks.

Abo Capital is a reliable resource for California private money lenders.

Private Money Lenders for Bad Credit

Banks and investors want some assurance that you’ll repay a mortgage loan on a timely basis.

An asset-backed loan protects a private money lender in lieu of default.

If a default occurs, a lender can gain ownership of the property, and pursue a variety of options to recoup the amount owed.

Therefore, private money loans are ideal for investors who are assured to repay a loan on time.

Real estate developers and investors with excellent credit scores are best suited for private mortgage loans.

However, hard money loans and private money loans for people with bad credit are available for borrowers with a sufficient amount of real property equity.

The terms for bad credit hard money loans are usually very costly.

But, if you have bad credit, a few fix and flip transactions could provide the funds that you need to get your credit back on track.

Private Money Lenders for Real Estate Investors

As a real estate investor, a situation might arise where you need additional funds to complete a project.

You might have carrying costs that exceed your initial projection.

Perhaps, a balloon payment date is approaching faster than you expected.

Knowing that you’re working with a reputable and a experienced mortgage team could easy your worries during the loan approval process.

Our team is waiting to assist you!

Abo Capital has made or arranged private money loans for real estate investors with a variety of funding challenges.

Apply for a Private Money Real Estate Loan in Los Angeles

Finding enough money for a real estate development project in Los Angeles could enable you to meet your deadline.

Today, you can inquire about private money loans online.

After reaching out to Abo Capital about financing for residential loans or commercial real estate loans, our team will promptly review your needs and follow up with you.

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