Non-Qualified Mortgage Loans

Mortgage lenders provide funding for an array of projects.

Fortunately, you’re a real estate developer, an investor or a local business owner, and you have the resources to repay a mortgage loan.

However, you may not have financial documentation to get approved for a traditional mortgage loan.

Here’s where Abo Capital can determine if you’re eligible to obtain a non-qualified mortgage loan.

What is a Non-Qualified Mortgage Loan?

Conventional home loans and government-backed mortgage loans conform to standards that are set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

The standards require borrowers to fully qualify with stable income that’s within acceptable debt-to-income ratios.

Non-qualified mortgage loans have alternative requirements.

With flexible income guidelines, lenders can offer Non-QM loan programs that appeal to the needs of various investors.

Therefore, instead of requiring self-employed borrowers to provide tax returns, paystubs or W-2s, a lender may request 12 months of bank statements, 24 months of bank statements or a letter from your CPA.

Are Non-QM Mortgage Loans Right for You?

As a self-employed home buyer with inconsistent income, you may own income-producing properties or you might have a side gig, a non-qualified mortgage loan may be great for your situation.

If you’re purchasing a home that exceeds the conforming loan limits, a Non-QM loan may be the ideal product for you.

Additionally, if you have the resources to make timely mortgage payments, but your debt-to-income ratio exceeds traditional lending limits, a non-qualified mortgage loan could be just what you need.

If you own an investment property, you might be able to borrow some of the equity via a Non-QM mortgage loan.

A licensed mortgage professional can review the benefits of using alternative lending products to reach your goals.

Apply for a Non-QM Mortgage Loan

If you’re a real estate investor or you are self-employed, a non-qualified mortgage may be recommended if you’ve been denied for a traditional home loan.

A reputable mortgage company can review your application for a Non-QM loan to determine if you meet the approval requirements.

Typically, Non-QM loans are processed faster than traditional mortgage loans, as employment verifications are not performed.

You are encouraged to speak with mortgage professionals who specialize in helping self-employed borrowers obtain funding.

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