The Mortgage Doctor


The Mortgage Doctor  


Meet Steve Abo, “The Mortgage Doctor.”

Using his extensive training and industry expertise, Steve shares tips and strategies that were solely reserved for Abo Capital’s concierge clients.

Recognizing a need for concepts that’re easier for people to understand, “The Mortgage Doctor” created the ultimate resource for questions that you have about the lending process.


Q: What is a mortgage loan?

A: A mortgage loan is debt that is secured against real property (Get more info).

Q: Can I get a mortgage if I’m self-employed?

A: We offer bank statement mortgage loans for self-employed borrowers.

Q: Can I be approved for a mortgage loan without terrific credit?

A: Outstanding credit scores are needed to get the best mortgage interest rates and terms.

     We offer programs for borrowers with less than perfect credit. Contact us today for more info!


Abo Capital helps self-employed borrowers obtain financing for home loans when banks say, “NO!”

Our process is simple, straightforward and solution based.


Denied for a home loan?

Get a 2nd opinion from “The Mortgage Doctor.” Inquire now!