Abo Capital offers mortgage loans for residential properties. Our home loans are primarily used to leverage residential investment opportunities.

Investors are attracted to our prime-rate jumbo mortgage loans, interest-only loans and our full doc loans that do not require mortgage insurance. For eligible properties, we can finance up to 95% of the appraised value.

Residential Loan Products

We accept residential loan applications from US citizens and from foreign borrowers.

No Income Qualification – No-Ratio Investment Property Loans

Proof of income is not required for borrowers or for the subject property.

Qualified investors typically experience a faster funding process with no-ratio property loans.

No-ratio residential mortgage loans may be issued to eligible entities that are legally established LLCs or corporations within a US state or the District of Columbia.

Residential Loan Features

  • Jumbo prime bank statement program up to $10,000,000
  • Interest only option is available
  • Loan amount and LTV is based on recent credit experiences
  • Fixed-rate residential home loans
  • Adjustable-rate mortgage loans
  • Fully amortized loans for 5/1 ARMs, 7/1 ARMs, 15-year fixed, and 30-year fixed
  • No prepayment penalty options for residential investor loans
  • 50% maximum debt-to-income ratio
  • Purchase / rate and term refinance
  • Cash-out refinance
  • 90% LTV up to $10,000,000 (700 min. credit score, 1 year of tax return or W2s)
  • 85% LTV up to $2,000,000 (680 minimum credit score)
  • 80% LTV up to $2,000,000 (640 minimum credit score)
  • 80% LTV up to $1,500,000 (Investment or business)
  • Qualify with bank statements, tax returns, no ratio or no income verification
  • No prepayment penalty option for residential investor loans
  • No minimum credit score (purchase to 75% LTV, Refinance to 70% LTV)
  • 90 days of title seasoning for rate and term or cash-out refinances
  • Loans for Foreign Nationals on 2nd home or investment properties
  • Gifts are permitted on purchases
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