When people ask me what I do, I like to tell them that I make rich people richer. I, Steve Abo, am all about funding deals. So much so, my personal loan production eclipses that of some of my competing entire whole company’s productions. You might wonder how I do that? Well it’s a multifaceted answer. Let’s start with my approach. Growing up the son of a prominent NYC born Radiologist here in Los Angeles, it was engrained in my brain to understand my craft backwards and forwards. Over the past 32 years, I have made it a point to know everything there is to know about investing in all different types of real estate assets and markets, understanding cash flows, dissecting tax returns and increasing value. On the flip side of the coin, studying capital markets and money flows has always been a passion. I have attended every type of conference, from those open to the common run of the mill mortgage broker, to select invite-only meetings of the World’s wealthiest one percent. Key to all of this is the building of my life-long relationships. My clients/borrowers once they get to know me prosper. My money sources get excited every time I call. I’ve been rather fortunate in my life. Career wise, I was able to build up a mortgage bank, Credit America, with close to 100 employees. In fact in 2005 recognizing a top in the market, I sold it for a juicy profit only to see my competitors file for bankruptcy a few years later. After shedding the bank, I realized that what I loved the most about the business is helping people like my dad use to do. When you present me with a request or seek advice, I will always give you a thorough evaluation and realistic quote. Most importantly, I will keep anyone and anything from getting in the way of funding your loan, investment and/or business. Personally, I have traveled to every continent, except the Antarctic, many ski trips to the Rockies and surf trips to places like Fiji, Hawaii and Australia. I am the proud father of a daughter entering the medical profession. I reside in Bel Air, Los Angeles. Wherever I am, I can be reached to hear all about your situation and to see if my vast network can help you prosper.