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My mission is to simplify and streamline the investment/business loan process for real estate investors and owner user businesses alike.

I love it when someone submits a new loan scenario. It’s like a puzzle waiting to be solved. What separates me from other is that after 30 years of doing this, my upfront solution becomes the end result.

That is why I ask more of the right questions upfront as well as offer free soft pull credit reports that help remove that aspect of uncertainty in the deal without you having to initially give up your social security number and without placing a credit lowering inquiry in your credit report.

I partner with industry leaders and investors that fund billions of dollars in loan volume per year. As a result, we know the strengths and weaknesses, the niches, and each teams’ ability to execute. My underwriting is always a deep-dive and hiccups are thoroughly avoided through clear communication and rigorous work on our end. In brief, I am an expert that specializes in arranging commercial/investment mortgages for market-rate, prime, flex, bridge and quick certainty of execution to every client.