Down Payment Assistance

Buying an investment property generally requires a contribution toward the purchase price from the borrower. Banks and private investors can lend an unlimited amount of funds for commercial real estate transactions. However, asking a borrower to contribute some skin into the deal helps to mitigate the lender’s exposure to a variety of risks.

Abo Capital provides financing solutions for qualified borrowers who need down payment assistance to move forward with a commercial project.

If you have found a property and you are expected to make a down payment that is between 20% and 35%, we have down payment assistance programs that will require you to come up with little or no money.

Helping investors solve shortfalls to funding challenges has enabled Abo Capital to provide financing terms for commercial properties that banks and other lenders turned down or refused to view for scenarios that were outside-of-the-box.

A plethora of financing resources that we have cultivated during the past three decades gives us market strength and relationships that does not exist with most newly formed mortgage companies.

We quickly respond to borrowers who need down payment assistance for commercial properties, such as apartment buildings with five or more units, office buildings, residential rental properties and other income-producing properties.

Down Payment Help

Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy investment property with no money down?

In general, a down payment is needed to buy a commercial property. Although, we offer down payment assistance, where a qualified investor would only need 0 to 15% of the purchase price at closing to finalize the transaction. By facilitating the down payment portion of the transaction via Abo Capital, you can buy an investment property without earmarking upwards of 30% of your own money toward the deal.

How does down payment assistance work?

After you have met the requirements to secure financing for the bulk of the money needed toward the purchase price of a commercial property, the difference amounts to the required funds you’ll need for your down payment, which is separate from any additional closing costs.

We offer short-term financing via our down payment assistance program. The loan is usually scheduled for a payoff to occur within a one year term. Down payment assistance enables you to make interest only monthly payments on the loan until the property is sold or refinanced.

Our down payment assistance utilizes resources for preferred equity to quickly acquire the funds that are needed to complete your commercial property purchase. With competitive mortgage interest rates, fast financing approvals and no prepayment penalty, our down payment assistance is an option that you will not find at local banks.

Speak with a loan officer at Abo Capital today about our down payment assistance programs.

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